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Property Tax

William C. Severson PLLC offers a full range of consulting and litigation services for property tax matters. Whether it is a tough valuation issue, a tax exemption, a tax classification issue, or other property tax question, Mr. Severson can help you spot potential problems before they become disputes and protect your rights should litigation become necessary. Property tax litigation is fraught with traps for the unwary litigator. With his extensive experience, Mr. Severson knows how to avoid litigation's pitfalls and maximize the likelihood success.

Class Actions

Class actions provide a procedure to join together claims that individually are too small to justify litigation. Class actions are, at times, the only financially feasible remedy for challenging illegal taxes or fees. Although class action procedures can be complex and difficult, Mr. Severson knows how to successfully use these procedures to challenge illegal taxes and fees.

State and Local Tax Disputes

Mr. Severson has litigated disputes ranging from local administrative hearings to major appellate cases involving significant constitutional issues. With this broad litigation background and his detailed knowledge of Washington tax law, he can develop and execute a litigation plan that maximizes the chance of success.

Development Exactions

Development fees are supposed to be proportional to the impacts of a new development. But sometimes communities go overboard, imposing unwarranted and burdensome fees and exactions on developers. Mr. Severson knows the statutory and constitutional limits on such charges and how to challenge them when a city or county goes too far.

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